Let’s face it, we’re ‘Zoomed out’, sick of lockdown and tired of staring at the same four walls. We may be able to get out for a walk but even the local park is getting boring, just ask your dog! Stress Down Day is not a solution to the difficult situation we’re all struggling through, but it might just provide some light relief and a fresh perspective whilst supporting two vital causes – our emergency services and your mental health.

Stress Down Day promotes emotional wellbeing and puts emphasis on the power small actions, such as stretching, have in reducing stress and mental health issues. It was created by veteran’s charity, FirstLight Trust, for the emergency services; To provide funding for vital support when needed and most importantly to prevent stress and burnout through small manageable actions. The pandemic has been relentless, and our emergency services have been at the forefront throughout. They need some relief and Stress Down Day is just the ticket!

Founder of Stress Down Day and FirstLight Trust, Dorinda Wolfe Murray says, “Let’s be honest it’s been tough, and it is tougher on some more than others. We could all do with something to lighten our day and our load. Stress Down Day is designed to do that – take time out to do something small; something that gives you pleasure, makes your heart smile. It is so often the little things that make the difference.”

A variety of resources, polls, competitions and fantastic virtual activities including yoga, live music and baking to help with fundraising and can be found on the Stress Down Day website.

“Reading, writing, laughing, music, catching a smile – and if it helps raise funds for those that need it most, then that is a ‘win win’ in so many ways,” says Dorinda. “Join us in taking some down time whilst raising funds for those in the Emergency Services who find themselves on hard times.”

We will soon hug friends and family again, go out to restaurants and come together for special occasions. This is in the near future, but until then let’s come together virtually to support the very people who have made it possible. FirstLight Trust’s Stress Down Day is an engaging campaign promoting positive mental health through simple and effective actions, with proceeds going to support veterans of the emergency services.

Visit the Stress Down Day website now to explore the ways you can get involved. You can also show support by visiting the web shop and buying amazing merchandise; use the #StressDownDayUK as well as tagging Stress Down Day and FirstLight Trust when uploading photos of you with your merchandise!