Emergency service and armed forces personnel are always there for us, often at a terrible cost. Many suffer the most stress on their transition and return to civilian life.

Shedding light through FirstLight Trust

The charity FirstLight Trust is there for them when they need help getting back on their feet. For those that feel they can’t cope, don’t know what’s wrong with them or are too proud to ask for help. They can just come in and see us.

We provide them with whatever it takes to make that tiny difference between life and suicide. We show them that they are valued. We give them back a sense of belonging. FirstLight Trust proves to them they aren’t alone or too different to fit into civilian society. And we do this on their doorstep.

Sharpe’s charity cafe hubs

Our community hubs are centred on charity cafe hubs across the UK. Currently there are six in Gosport, Hawick, Hereford, Lancaster, Redcar and Scarborough. We have two more planned but need to raise funds as each one costs £150,000 to set up. Find out more at Sharpe’s cafes.