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Instead of dressing down we are stressing down. Get involved by taking some time out. Why not ‘stretch and yawn’ and get your colleagues involved too? Take an hour out over a cuppa and leave the phone on silent. Read a book and share something that makes you smile. Have lunch in a local park with friends.

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De-stressing can be as simple as a stretch and a yawn. Have some fun and yawn with your colleagues, your cat, your child. Or pick an unusual background – but be safe! Post what you are doing on social media using #StressDownDayUK or let us know on Facebook what you are enjoying doing to take time out for you.

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At the end of your #StressDownDayUK, we hope that you have a smile on your face. As well as relaxing you are supporting local communities and our incredible Emergency Service personnel and Armed Forces.

Keep us updated on how that helped you feel de-stressed!

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How can I get involved?

#StressDownDayUK is all about community, de-stressing and smiling! So:

  • Ask your friends/company/organisation to take part
  • Support the cause with our amazing Smiler merchandise
  • Make a donation to help Emergency Services and Armed Forces veterans
  • Tell everyone that we need less stress and more well-being
  • Smile more

What sort of activities could your company do?

It’s not just ‘time out’. Some ideas are:

  • invite members of your local community to a group stretch and yawn
  • try yoga, walking or mindfulness
  • a ‘stress down lunch’
  • a ‘stress down’ tai chi class
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Why is it important to invest in health at work?

Sickness absence costs the UK economy over £100bn a year in productivity losses. Employers will save money and do better as a business if they invest in their staff’s mental and physical well-being.

Employees take home the behaviours learned at work (positive and negative) so there is a profound knock-on effect on families. Evidence shows that business initiatives that support mental well-being are successful. Forward-thinking companies are now appointing mental health champions, instituting walking meetings and allowing flexible working patterns.

The most important ingredient is commitment at boardroom level to invest in employees’ physical and mental health. Events such as Stress Down Day UK make it easier for companies to demonstrate that commitment.

News release

Employers urged to roll out Stress Down Day to promote workplace well-being – News Release

How to sign up your company/organisation

Just fill out our form or email your HR department asking them to sign up . Do they need more convincing? #stressdowndayUK is a great way for them to show active support for our Emergency Services and the Armed Forces Covenant. To find out if your company has signed up, take a look at: Who has signed the Covenant?

We can either email you a pack or send you one through the post, depending on what you’ve asked for. This will include:

  • Discounted Stress Down Day UK merchandise for companies
  • Stress Down Day UK pledges to give out
  • An email to send out to let everyone know
  • Leaflets to spread the message
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If you would just like to donate to the Stress Down Day cause you can do so here.


Support the cause with our amazing merchandise

Make a donation

Are you struggling to get your organisation on board? You can still show your support by donating! Links to our donation page and texting options will appear here soon.

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Tell everyone you know!

There is no greater support than helping us spread the message. You can do this by:

  • Use the hashtag #StressDownDayUK and share pictures, thoughts, what you’re doing to stress down with the world
  • Chat! Human conversation is at the heart of everything we do, so talk to your friends, families and strangers, tell them all about #StressDownDayUK

Smile more

One of the best ways to de-stress is to smile more. Surround yourself with people, places and anything that makes you smile.

Notice your shoulders relax as your smile appears. Repeat as much as you can.